17 – 18 June 2021, web-conference

The 5th Network Meeting took place from 17 to 18 June 2021, via web conference due to the persistent sanitary emergency.

During the first day of the Network Meeting, the ESRs had the chance to present to the Consortium their project achievements reached thus far; they all showed that they have acquired great mastery and confidence in the presentation of the work done and also the individual research projects are well developed and really promising.
The ESRs also had the opportunity to meet with their respective Monitor Groups for a dedicated session on their Personal Carrer Development Plan check and to discuss how to implement and improve it.

During the RTC, RRIC, and SVB meetings, the Coordinator recapped the last project actions implemented providing an update on the outcomes of the 1st Project Periodic Report and the 3rd Amendment focused on the entry of 2 new Beneficiaries – IIT and SIEMENS – due respectively to the exit of SCRIBA and its substitution with IIT and to the full merging of CULGI into SIEMENS. The focus then turned on the future actions to be implemented by the Consortium: next winter and summer training workshops and Network Meetings; reschedule of the ESRs’ secondment periods; communication and dissemination activities.

All the members of the BORGES Consortium contributed proactively to the event and we want to thank them for their attendance and great collaboration!

BORGES 5° Network Meeting