The main objective of the BORGES Network is to train the next generation of R&D innovators in organic bioelectronics, with the aim of developing organic biosensors up to demonstration in an end-user significant context. BORGES training will develop along three main guidelines:

  • acquiring solid background in different scientific and technological fields, all related to biosensing and organic electronics;
  • exposing BORGES ESRs to diverse sectors, from academia to technological research centres to industrial nodes;
  • fostering the development of transversal competencies

Based on each of the major challenges still limiting the development of highly reliable organic bioelectronic sensors we define five specific objectives characterizing BORGES training:

1) BORGES trainees will be educated with a holistic perspective of the technology, encompassing all the steps leading from fundamentals and fabrication to validation in relevant scenarios;

2) A multidisciplinary and multiscale investigation of the chemistry and physics of signal transduction in organic bioelectronic devices will be undertaken;

3) Biosensor architectures and materials will be designed and optimized to work with complex biological samples;

4) Biosensor prototyping and optimization will be considered from a scaling-up perspective even at the initial design phase;

5) ESRs will be trained to design biosensors from an user-centred perspective, also focusing on characterization protocols, and data processing  to enable personalized medicine solutions.