In order to guarantee ESRs a highly-interdisciplinary and intersectoral curriculum, the BORGES project will provide a solid training programme based on three main guidelines:

  • GL1: acquiring a solid background in different scientific and technological fields, all related to biosensing and organic electronics;
  • GL2: exposing ESRs to diverse sectors, from academia to technological research centres to industrial nodes;
  • GL3: fostering the development of transversal competencies.

The training activity will therefore be organized in order to fulfil these three main educational goals and will be composed by a number of dedicated and distinct training opportunities that can be organized along two major lines: Individual, personalized training and Network-wide training.

The BORGES Network-wide training activities aim to provide all the ESRs, in possession of different backgrounds, with a common knowledge and introduction to the specific language of the different fields involved in a highly multidisciplinary subject as the one targeted by this European Training Network.

BORGES will offer two different kinds of network-wide training activities: