As part of the training activities provided within BORGES, ESRs will have access to a series of short introductory lessons, providing basic information on some transversal skills of interest to the whole consortium, and facilitating the access to the highly interdisciplinary research topics of BORGES thanks to “primers” designed ad hoc for the BORGES trainees.

Five lessons have been recorded and made available as electronic lectures:

  1. Good practice in Open Access
  2. A primer on protein and nucleic acid structure
  3. Basics of data analysis
  4. Good scientific practice and ethics
  5. Good manufacturing practice (GMP)

BORGES ESRs can access the E-didactics platform by following this link and using their access credentials.

Students outside the BORGES consortium are welcome to request access to the BORGES E-didactics platform and follow the E-lectures. To request credentials of access, please contact the BORGES Project Manager Dr. Chiara Cavazzoni.

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