• Combining screen and aerosol jet printing techniques for the manufacturing of organic electrochemical transistors (OECTs) for utilization in logic circuits and sensor applications. Poster presentation by Anatolii Makhinia (ESR 9 – RISE), Materials Research Society (MRS) 2021 Fall Meeting and Exhibit, 6 December 2021, Boston, USA, Hybrid event.


  • Multilevel Passive Microfluidics for Electrochemical Biosensors. Poster Presentation by Pooya Azizian (ESR 6 – LEITAT), conference MicroTAS 2020, 5 October 2020, online conference.


  • Tunable and Functionalized Polydopamine Thin Films by mean of Electropolymerization. Poster presentation by Tommaso Marchesi D’Alvise (ESR 12 – MPG), 5th edition of Smart Materials and Surfaces SMS Conference, 23-25 October 2019, Lisbon.
  • Liquid-gated transistors based on reduced graphene oxide for sensing and biosensing. Poster presentation by Pietro Antonio Livio (ESR 2 – UNISTRA), 2nd edition of Chem2Dmat, 3-6 September 2019, Dresden.

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