20 – 21 January 2022, web-conference

The 6th Network Meeting took place from 20 to 21 January 2022, once again via web conference due to the persistent COVID-related emergency.

The 6° NM represented a great opportunity for the BORGES Consortium members to discuss the activities carried out thus far and those still to be implemented and to agree on a shared strategy for future actions, especially those related to the communication and dissemination of the project achievements and results discussed during the FC, RTC, RRIC, and SVB meetings.

As usual, the ESRs presented to the Consortium their personal research project achievements becoming more and more skilled in the communication of their results. They then talked with their respective Monitor Groups to agree on future action implementation to their PCDPs.

Thank you all for joining the meeting and contributing to growing up such a strong network!

BORGES 6° Network Meeting